Hello World

Welcome to my virtual business card.

My name is Iyad Kallas
Consultant, researcher and learning facilitator 

For the time being...
I do not use this website to share updates about what I do
That kind of sharing is better done in person or over Zoom
So hit me up with a message and let's schedule a chat ...

Who am I?

I am an interdisciplinary catalyst professional, a polymath dabbler, a digital nomad and a coffee-lover.

I have almost two decades of international experience working around people and machines, innovating human-centered solutions for all kinds of problems, in social contexts or business realms

I dedicate most of my time working on developing new projects of different forms and sizes
I love engineering and developing ideas,  as well as thinking of inventive ways to improve them.

More info about me could be found here


I am passionate about many subjects and themes

My professional and personal life revolves mainly around these topics

I engage in conversations, offer services and deliver speeches and interventions around these multiverses

Pick & Choose! I am always up for a heated discussion around any keyword of your choice